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Hi my name is Mindy and I would first like to start by saying that, not only do I love farmers…but I love agriculture.  I grew up raising and showing market pigs all over the state of California.  My grandpa spent his life farming Almonds in the Central Valley and my dad has been lucky enough to take part of that over.  However, I am also connected to the industry because I LOVE to eat!!!   Starting a conversation about agriculture is my true passion in life and I will strive to work for the industry that has been so incredibly beneficial to me!

I love farmers because they put food on my table every day!  Foods such as artichokes, asparagus, chicken, steak and so much more are my very favorites and they would not be on my table without farmers.  Farming is one of the most hands-on, labor intensive, and time consuming industries in the world.  I want to thank all farmers for what they provide me and the rest of the world with every day!

I want to hear about the Ag in your life!!!  Tell me be about your agricultural experience and send me pictures, websites and you tube videos and I would love to post them to my blog.  I will be highlighting at least one per week so please send them in!!!

I look forward to hearing from everyone out there!!!


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